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Wedding Photographers: Building an Effective Network

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By Skip Cohen

If you’re a wedding photographer, you should know about The Wedding Report. It’s full of data that you will no doubt find useful.

Looking at one of the features of The Wedding Report, it lists the average expenditures on just about everything to do with the wedding.  Using this information, if you’re a wedding photographer, here’s a list of everybody who should be in your network:

1) Tux Shop, Bridal Gown Salon

2) Jeweler

3) Travel Agent

4) Caterer

5) Musical Agents

6) Local Venues, eg. hotels, event centers, resorts etc.

7) Florists

8)  Wedding Planners

9) Limo Services

10) Printers (Look for a local printer who’s doing a heavy volume in invitations)

11) Videographers

12)  Other Photographers – Yes, other photographers!  You don’t need to invite everybody you compete with, but there are only so many weekends a year you can work.   If you’re already booked you want to have somebody you admire to refer business to and vice versa.  So, hand-pick a couple of photographers who have the integrity and the product quality you respect.

The next part of this assignment requires an investment of your time – you need to get to know everybody on the list.  If you don’t have the interest or the skill set in planning a monthly luncheon like Dawn, then at least make contact.  Contact is defined as actually talking to the person you’re adding to your network, staying away from email or letters.  Meeting somebody in person, ideally getting to lunch with them, gives both of you a chance to get to know each other.  You’re on a quest for marketing/networking partners here – not just looking for resources.

It takes time to build an effective network, especially when it’s target oriented with a specific goal, like working together to build awareness and business traffic.    Like everything you do, especially in business, patience is a virtue – so take it one step at a time and build your network with quality people who have the values you respect the most.


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April 14, 2010 at 7:09 am

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