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Separate Yourself From the Pack to Make More Money

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By Scott Bourne

When photography is reduced to a commodity – photographers get short changed. When prospective clients see one guy’s 8×10 as no different than the next gal’s 8×10, why pay more?

The secret is to make sure your photography prints, albums, books, calendars, etc., stand out from the crowd? Here are five tips to help.

1. Different matters. Find products that go beyond the standard 8×10 glossy print. How about canvas, or metal prints? Try selling accordion wallets or books. Right away you’ll be offering things that the average consumer can’t make by taking a trip to Office Depot and ordering “photo paper” to run through their printer.

2. Presentation matters. Instead of using a price gun or applying stickers to photo products, use hang tags. Hang tags are associated with high-end products. Stick-on price tags are associated with low-value products.

3. Words matter. Don’t sell pictures. Sell images. Don’t be in the photography business, be in the memory protection business. Don’t offer packages, offer collections. These are but a few examples you can use to elevate your clients’ thinking when it comes to your photography.

4. Delivery matters. If you sell photo-products, don’t just have the client show up and meet them at the back door with a sack of goods. Have a special place set aside in your office or studio for delivery. If you don’t have a studio or office, set aside a special meeting place like a lovely local park or the lobby of a grand hotel. Make sure that the same effort you spent to get the job is spent delivering it. This avoids buyer’s remorse.

5. Packaging matters. Another thing you can do to build value in a photographic purchase is to make sure that you deliver the photos, albums, image boxes, etc., in fine packaging. Think boxes and bows and cards not plastic sleeves and sacks. If you buy an expensive piece of jewelry and the clerk delivers it in a plastic bag how does that make you feel? You want a cool box with cotton and ribbons, etc.

It takes a little extra effort to stand out from the crowd. But the reward is usually increased sales and repeat customers.

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April 2, 2010 at 8:49 am

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