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Audio is as Important as Video

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If you’re at all serious about your video projects, you need to get serious about audio too. This is so important that I’ll be covering this topic on a regular basis.

Today we’ll just go over the basics.

Let’s start with your camcorder’s built-in mic. Chances are, it sucks. The built-in mics pick up too much ambient noise. The sounds you WANT recorded, end up getting lost in the mix. Built-in mics are notorious for picking up the mechanical noises of the camera and can’t be directed at the sound source you’re really interested in recording.

Built-in mics are also typically of low quality. They are very small, and are limited in the frequencies they can record accurately.

There are a variety of microphones designed for video work, and in future posts, I’ll describe them and how they’re used.


Written by scottbourne

December 4, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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