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Let’s Put Some Light on the Subject – Litepanels Micro

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If you’ve shot any significant amount of video, you’ve no doubt encountered situations where you have needed just a little more light on your subject. This is most often necessary when you’re shooting a simple stand up head shot.

Since most cameras/camcorders have a hot shoe, a great way to add light is to use a portable hot light. My choice is the Litepanels Micro.

It’s an LED light that works on simple AA batteries, and easily slips onto the camera hot shoe. It’s lightweight, travels well and is very easy to use.

Unlike flash, constant lighting lets you see what you’ll get while looking through the viewfinder. And LEDs aren’t hot to the touch like most similar lights. This helps avoid injury. There’s no flicker and no color shift. You get nice, evenly dispersed light that makes your subject stand out from the background.

The unit can also be stand-mounted and easily tilts to give maximum angle flexibility and it can be modified with gels. There are no cables to mess with.

I my tests, a pair of quality batteries last about four hours of continuous use. But since you rarely use it continuously, you’ll find the batteries seem to last a long time.

One of the best features of the Litepanel is the dimmer knob. You can dial in anywhere from zero to full power. I find the effective range to be no more than about 10 feet, with the sweet spot around six feet.

I also use this as a catch light on my digital cameras, both point and shoots and DSLRs with great results.

It is spendy. At around $295 US, you can find cheaper solutions. But you’ll never have to replace the bulb, or go to the hospital for burn treatments.


Written by scottbourne

January 10, 2009 at 11:39 am

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