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Best Way to Improve Your Video Camera Skills….Watch TV

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When I ask writers how they improve their craft, they invariably say they read more. When I ask still photographers how they improve their craft, they usually say they look at more photographs. Guess what – this holds true for people who shoot video too.

Watch lots of television – or go to the movies and pay attention to the camera work. I’m not talking about sitting down with a bowl of popcorn while you watch your favorite show. I am talking about taking time to analyze other people’s work.

Pay attention to how shots are lit. Watch for angles and notice transitions. You’ll soon see a pattern. This pattern should be the touchstone of your basic approach to shooting video.

By watching how the camera is positioned relative to the subject, noting the length of each scene between transitions – and judging things like focus and depth of field, you can learn how to make movies without ever going to film school.


Written by scottbourne

November 9, 2008 at 6:20 pm

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