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Improving Your Holiday Videos

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The holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s time to get the camcorder out. But instead of investing hour after hour in something nobody will see, spend a few minutes this year planning your video, and watch the friends and relatives line up to get their own copy.

Start With a Plan

What do you want to shoot? What’s really important. Don’t try to capture every single moment of the season. Instead, have a theme. Maybe your theme will be “relationships” or “gifts” or “funny moments.” Once you have a theme, you know what to think about in terms of deciding which scenes need to be recorded and which don’t.

Get Geared Up

Make sure to check your gear before you go out to shoot. Finding out in the field that your batteries are dead is a surefire way to bring everyone’s spirits down.

Make sure your camera is fully operational. Charge the battery. Get your tripod out and make sure it opens and closes smoothly. Check your video light (you do have a light don’t you?) make sure it works well.

Also be sure to re-read your manual. You might just want to stick it in your camera bag. You never know when you’ll need that special function that is described in the manual.

Don’t Forget Audio

If you have any way to introduce a mic input into your camera, this is the best way to capture the audio that goes along with all that great video. If your camera doesn’t support external audio, try to work closely to your subject(s) so you can reduce the ambient noise. Try to work in quieter rooms and to isolate your subject(s) when possible.

Remember the “B” Roll

Don’t just focus in on the main players. Shoot the house exterior and interior. Make sure to videotape the small details that make your own family’s holiday traditions special.

Use an establishing shot to give viewers a sense of place. Then focus on details.

Time For Your Close-up

Be sure to get some up-close, one-on-one footage of the stars of your production. You can edit this in later, mixed with some B-roll for good variety.

Time Matters

Keep track of all things related to time. What time should you shoot? How much time is left on your battery or tape? Be sure to roll at least five seconds before and after the killer action.

Be sure no single static shot is more than four or five minutes long.

Try to mix and match these tips to get the best results. Happy holidays.


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November 12, 2008 at 2:37 pm

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