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Five Easy Tips For Handling Customer Problems

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By Skip Cohen

Recently I had a serious customer service problem with Verizon. Unfortunately as a major corporation they’re not alone in providing less than stellar experiences.  The more I think about the problem I had, the easier it is to put the bad experience to good use!

So here are some easy to remember tips when you’re working with an unhappy customer:

1) The faster you solve a problem the greater the benefit to building your reputation. Solve problems as quickly as possible.  I know there are times when you might have to do a little research, but whenever possible fix the complaint in the first round.

2) If you don’t offer a solution then both you and your client lose.  NEVER say “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do!”  There’s always something you can do and sometimes even the smallest thing will still be appreciated.

3) Don’t point the finger elsewhere! Don’t pass the buck.  Look, mistakes happen and most people know that, but your customer doesn’t care if it’s the lab’s fault, the album company had a problem or even that Fedex or UPS made a mistake.  You’re the one they’re dealing with and you’re the one who has to make it right.

4) Take full responsibility for the problem.  Don’t put any part of the burden to fix the problem back on your customer.  Whenever possible take full control and then be impressive with your solution.

5) Compromise solutions are fine, but only if they have value.   Don’t insult customers with compromise solutions that they don’t understand, have little value or force them to purchase something else.

Companies like Verizon are actually doing us a great service – they’re giving every small business owner an opportunity to look good and show their customers how great customer service really gets done.  You’ve got a chance to be a hero and exceed expectations with every complaint or frustration you encounter.

Tony Corbell once talked about his philosophy when he first started his career:

“I wasn’t the best photographer in town, but I was determined to be the nicest!”

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June 7, 2010 at 5:51 am

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