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Win Your Very Own Copy of the Kubota Super Studio Pak

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Announcing the first ever GoingPro contest. Win your very own copy of the incredible Kubota Super Studio Pak, valued at $1499.00

We’re giving away a free copy of the SS Pak on May 1, 2010, sometime before Midnight PST. In order to enter, simply follow GoingPro2010 on Twitter. If you are at least 18 years of age and live in a place where contests like this aren’t illegal, you’re eligible to win. Please see our full contest rules for all the fine print. If you’re already following GoingPro2010 on Twitter you’re automatically entered in the contest. We’ll select one random follower using a random number generator to pick the winner and we’ll post the winner’s name here and on our GoingPro2010 Twitter account sometime May 1, 2010. Good luck and thanks to Kubota Image Tools for donating this great prize!

So follow us on Twitter and you’re in. Good luck. Now here’s more about the prize:


Get the ultimate Studio power Pak. This Pak includes all of the Kubota Image Tools Products, including our new Bor-Tex Pak with over 100 awesome texture actions and over 125 of our Sloppy Borders, plus the speedy workflow tool – Kubota RPG Speedkeys. Set yourself and your studio up in the most effective way.

KUBOTA Super studio Pak INCLUDES:

Kubota Artistic Tools V1

Kubota Artistic Tools V1

The Classic Film-Effects Pak
B&W Actions, organic film grain, cross-processing, sepia and monochrom toing, plus more.

Kubota Artistic Tools V2

Kubota Artistic Tools V2

The Modern-Chic Pak
Enrich skin tones, add romanitc glow, color enhancement, contrast and ethereal effects. Includes the famous Lord of the Rings series of Actions.

Kubota Artistic Tools V3

Kubota Artistic Tools V3

The High Fashion-Edgy Pak
Eye-color enhancer and skin retouching tools. Glowing and deeply romanitc B&W and color styles, perfect for portraits and fashion.

Kubota Artistic Tools V4

Kubota Artistic Tools V4

The Cutting-Edge Pak
Interactive B&W converters for perfect tonal blend and richness. Cinematic 3-D effects with Enter the Dragon and 300-esque.

Kubota Production Tools V2

Kubota Production Tools V2

The Get-It-Done Pak
Color correct, retouch, sharpen, and make images presentation ready in minutes-not hours.

Kubota Sloppy Borders

Kuboto Sloppy Borders

From elegant thin borders, to eye-catching medium borders to heavy borders for a bold statement, this Pak adds the finishing touch to your tweaks. Over 125 to choose from – find your flair!

Kubota Texture Tools - Industrial Pak

Kubota Texture Tools

Industrial Pak
50 striking textures from our “Industrial” collection give you the ability to add an element of techno-industrial action to your images that will really make them SNAP!

Kubota Texture Tools - Earth Pak

Kubota Texture Tools

Earth Pak
50 of the most stunning textures we’ve ever seen in our “Earth” collection, they will bring depth and subtlety to set your images apart from the pack.

Style Books

Tamara Lackey Style Book Tamara Lackey Style Book

Kubota Artistic Series – Style Book – Your Choice

Featured artists’ secrets to your success revealed in the artist’s signature style! PLUS DVD demonstrating the techniques and Kubota Actions used. Choose from “Kevin Kubota Style” or “Tamara Lackey Style” from the options below.

Kubtoa RPG SpeedKeys

Kubtoa RPG SpeedKeys

Wireless USB keypad with 1-button access to your favorite Lightroom® presets.
Brightness, exposure, fill light, paint with light, burn, soften skin, hand-color, and more. Complete set of Kubota Lightroom Presets included with most popular ones pre-programmed.

Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2 DVD Tutorial w/over 100 Kubota  Presets

Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2 DVD Tutorial w/over 100 Kubota Presets

A step-by-step Lightroom “manual”, this interactive instructional is based on a proven workflow system used daily by successful digital studios. Includes Kubota Lightoom Prestes V3 ($49 value).

Kubota AutoAlbum

Kubota AutoAlbum w/DASHBOARD

Automated Magazine-Style Album Page Creation
Make album design for Photoshop® simple, fast and fabulous! Includes an extremely fast user interface, modifiable layers, smart objects, and more to allow you to easily edit your images as you go.

Kubota Digital Photography Bootcamp Book

Kubota Digital Photography Boot Camp Book

A Step-By-Step Guide for Professionals
The original Digital Photography Bootcamp® workshop in a great reference! Provides essential information as well as advanced tips and tricks for those ready to push their imaging to the next level.


DASHBOARD 3 Pro Upgrade

With DASHBOARD 3 Pro you can:
Achieve award-winning looks in seconds, use Kubota Actions, or any Action at all, add keywords and descriptions to any Action, find and run any Action instantly, and star any of your favorite Actions.


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